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100s of  well designed, double blind studies have been conducted which show the effectiveness of homeopathy.  We can let you know about those. Click here to get a free Homeopathy Research Report.

All you really have to do is talk to your friends and neighbors, people just like you who are looking for help.  Click here to read some testimonials.

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Individualized Care With Homeopathy

Are you tired of the Doctor not really listening, throwing a prescription at you and leaving the room?  

At Lotus Homeopathy, you will leave feeling like you have definitely been listened to.  Every appointment will be at least 30 minutes, with most being 45 and your first appointment lasting 2 hours.

Get to the Root Cause of the Problem  

At Lotus Homeopathy, we are symptom based, but we aren't just covering up symptoms.  You won't be required to take a remedy the rest of your life.  When you have taken the remedy long enough for your body to have resolved the issue, you won't need to take the remedy any more.  Or maybe once every several months.  

Quick Relief

Masking or suppressing symptoms with drugs may act more quickly initially, but when you have been taking the same prescription for 5 years or more, that short wait may really be the devil in disguise.  True healing sometimes takes longer than suppression, but not always.  Long standing problems can be ameliorated within days of taking a remedy, with gradual  and continued improvement over the course of time.  


No exorbitant co-pays with homeopathy.  No high cost, newly patented drugs which force you to dig through the couch cushions to look for money to help pay for them.  Because natural substances can't be patented, there is no possibility of being forced to choose between food and medicine when using homeopathy.  Homeopathy is Cadillac health care at a Wal-Mart price.

What Can Homeopathy Help?

And Much Much More

Homeopathy can help with almost anything.  If you don't see your problem listed in the Word Cloud, give us a call 651-748-1556 and we will answer your questions.   

Why is it called Lotus Homeopathy?

The Lotus flower has deep symbolic meaning in many Eastern religions.  These symbolic meanings have many parallels to homeopathy.  The Lotus flower grows only in the deepest mud.  Its seeds drop off the blossom into the muddy waters below.  Out of this darkness comes a lovely, delicate flower.  Similarly, homeopathy helps you to reach into your own darkness and blossom into your own self, living with fewer limitations and less dis-ease.

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